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'The Tangled Veil and the Cloud of Unknowing - LOL' features as part of the national Being Human Festival. Being Human aims to engage the public with the very best of the innovative research taking place across the humanities and is led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

Dementia is certainly a tough subject for comedy, almost everyone is affected by it and knows someone who is living with dementia. In 2030 it is going to be the leading cause of death and disablement. There isn’t an easy way to explore something as tricky and challenging as Dementia. As the late Sir Terry Prachett said, "If there is indeed an emerging sense - finally - that we’ve stopped pussy footing around dementia and can now bear to utter its name, we nevertheless find a cloud of unknowing persists."

There's no doubt life is difficult and complicated. If it wasn't for our ability to often find humour in difficult situations, life could be very dreary indeed. In the Tangled Veil and the Cloud of Unknowing - LOL we have combined personal stories of dementia, amusing anecdotes with text analysis research. We have captured emotions both sad, true and funny to gain a fresh perspective of people’s dementia journeys.

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Gentrification is described as "the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste."

Closer to home, Liverpool has its own stories, opinions and opportunities that should be talked about.

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Bluecoat Sociologist in Residence Dr Paul Jones, will be looking back at his time here, and reflecting upon some of the ways in which academics - and sociologists in particular - can seek to become more ‘public’ in their work. Drawing together reflections on what has been an exciting and extremely stimulating year’s residency, he will question the responsibility of academics to find alternative ways of doing their research and teaching. Paul will be suggesting some ideas for future public collaborations and partnerships that have grown from his time as Bluecoat’s Sociologist in Residence.

Paul will be joined by the well-known author, Guardian writer and social commentator Lynsey Hanley, who will be presenting a short lecture at the event. Reflecting on some of her own experiences, Lynsey will explore the ways in which research debates can be made public. As well as being a prominent author - having written Estates: An Intimate History (2007) and Respectable: The Experience of Class (2016) - she is also a highly-acclaimed media commentator, with recent pieces in The Guardian on homelessness and on Radio 4, on housing. Lynsey is currently studying for a PhD at Liverpool John Moores University.

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LivWiSE is excited to welcome science journalist, author and presenter Angela Saini to talk about the themes in her new book, and what they mean for women in science.


We hope that science is free from bias and prejudice, but its record of research on women proves that this isn't always true. In her new book, Inferior, Angela Saini interrogates what we think we know about women and why so much of it is wrong. She also explores new research that is attempting to paint a more accurate, and more empowering, portrait of women.

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