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Super Zero (SERO) is the world’s first privacy coin Protocol supporting smart contract using Zero-Knowledge Proof. SERO adopt innovative UTXO+Account mixed mode. SERO is also the world’s first Privacy Protection platform which allows developers to issue privacy coins and use them in DApps, that means DApps can have Privacy features. SERO built the world’s fastest Zero-Knowledge Proof encryption library “Super-ZK” which is 20+ times faster than the latest zk-SNARKs (Sapling upgrade) that Zcash uses.


Block Explorer:–

Coin Specifications:

Consensus: ProgPoW + PoSMax Supply: 1,000,000,000 SEROBlock Time: 14 secsBlock reward: POW – 22.25 SERO, POS – 13.35 SEROBlock Reward halving schedule: 4 years (first halving happening in May 2020)

Wallet:– Windows– Linux– Mac OS

Source Code:– at GitHub

Mining Pools:– F2Pool– Beepool– WoolyPooly

Coin Exchanges:– GATEio– Citex– Hotbit

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