Update for Monday 5th November 2018

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Liverpool's Botanic Garden heritage seems to have been forgotten. In 1802 it became the first botanic garden ever created by a group of 300 keen amateur botanists, and by 1820 was the premier botanic garden in the UK, with a herbarium 50 years before Kew! Steve Lyus will describe the many highs and lows of this collection over its 200 year history to the present day.

Steve Lyus retired in 2009 and came to Wirral to create a garden for the ericaceous plants he propagated. He is an RHS camellia show judge, and a committee member of the RHS rhododendron, camellia and magnolia group. Steve volunteers at Ness Botanic Gardens, is chair of New Ferry Butterfly Park, on the Botanicals sub-committee of Sefton Park Palm House and a volunteer at the World Museum herbarium.

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Where have all the women gone?
70% of design students are female - only 11% are in creative director roles!

Nat Maher (CEO Pollit & Partners) founded Kerning The Gap in 2015 to acknowledge and highlight the severe shortage of women in senior leadership roles across the design industry, to discover why and what can be done collectively to change this.

Kerning The Gap is now a collective of like-minded people who want to see more women in creative, digital and design leadership roles, hear their voices and be inspired to create change. "Whether you’re an aspiring leader, or one of the amazing women that have pushed through the gap, we want to build a community to provoke discussion, provide inspiration and, more importantly, turn it into positive action."

Uniform, in partnership with Design Leaders from Kinneir Dufort and Unilever, is enabling Kerning The Gap to roll out to the North West and is reaching out to local businesses to get everyone involved in this conversation.

Through the Kerning The Gap collective there will be changes in our businesses that allow women to grow, encourage one another on the journey, and provide inspiration to the next generation of leaders.

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Why is it so difficult to stop eating the chocolates even though we’re full? A popular idea is that certain foods like chocolate are addictive and that “food addiction” explains why so many people are overweight.

But does food really have the same effects on the mind and body as hard drugs? Or is food addiction simply a myth or an excuse for over-eating?

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Liverpool City Region Labour Women's Forum is a Labour Party organisation for women members across Merseyside including Halton. Its Committee comprises LP Women's Officers and volunteers.

10.30 am - Introduction - Olivia Bailey, Chair, Labour Women's Network

Workshops/Breakout Sessions: Choose 1 Session for Morning & 1 for Afternoon
1. Community Campaigning - Cllr. Suzanne Richards and Cllr Dzidra Noor, Manchester
2. Public Speaking - Cllr. Jeannie Bell, St Helen's
3. Race Equality 2020, Labour Party Strategy - Cllr. Anna Rothery, Liverpool Mayoral Lead for Equality and Tracey Hylton, Chair, Princes Park branch
4. How to Chair a meeting - dealing with confrontation and harrassment! - Sheila Murphy, former Regional Director, NW Labour
5. What have Unions ever done for Women? (AM session only) - Lynne Morris Regional Manager, UNISON
6. How to engage with women members and set up a Women's Forum (AM session only) - Olivia Bailey, Chair LWN and Eileen Walsh, Secretary LCR LWF
7. How to selected for Council/MP - Liz Savage, Parliamentary candidate for Southport and Cllr. Carla Thomas, Sefton (PM session only)
8. Use of Social Media, Twitter, Facebook (PM session only) - Veronica Bennett, Sefton

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