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Pascal Coin (PASC) is not a new crypto project, it has been around for a while already and is getting very close to its second block reward halving (it is halving every 2 years, not four like Bitcoin). You can say that PASC had its prime in early 2018 and lately it seems to be loosing traction, even though the project itself has some really good advantages and features available. We also haven’t been following it actively for more than a year already, but the upcoming second halving of the block reward – initially 100 coins, currently 50 coins (20% goes for development, so 40 to miners) and going down in half to 25 PASC coins is what reminded us about the project. The next halving is going to happen in about a week from now starting at block number 420480 the block reward will become 25 PASC coins, so we have decided to check the situation with mining at the moment.

There are currently two different miners available for Pascal Coin (PASC) and the RandomHash Proof of Work algorithm that it uses – rhminer and nanominer. We have tested both miners on AMD and Intel platform and below you can find the results we got, do note that rhminer’s built-in donation is 1% while nanominer has a 5% fixed fee for RandomHash2 mining used by PASC. Do note that Pascal Coin is mineable only on CPUs, there are currently no GPU miners available for that algorithm and coin as far as we are aware.

rhminer 2.3 version 3:AMD Ryzen 3900X (12C-24T) – 410 KH/sIntel Core i7 6850K (6C-12T) – 163 KH/s

nanominer v1.8.2:AMD Ryzen 3900X (12C-24T) – 363 KH/sIntel Core i7 6850K (6C-12T) – 110 KH/s

The AMD platform has double the CPU cores, so it is not surprising that it performs faster, but it also seems that the RandomHash algorithm that Pascal Coin (PASC) uses does manage to perform a bit better on the latest generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs. Out of the two miners the nanominer is apparently not as well optimized as rhminer and the 4 percent extra dev fee it has makes the rhminer as the preferred choice for sure. Nanominer also performs worse on Intel as compared to AMD based on the performance we see in our comparison, but still rhminer is giving roughly 50 KH/s extra performance on both platforms and has significantly lower dev fee. You can trade any mined Pascal (PASC) coins on TOKOK and qTrade crypto exchanges.

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