Update for Monday 29th October 2018

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Go Higher will reflect on higher education and the impact it can have on transforming lives and identities, in residency at the Tate, Albert Dock. Uncover shared experiences and seek answers to the questions who has access to higher education, how is this changing and why? Residency includes various activities, workshops, seminars and exhibitions, including: wALLstories; Mature Students in Conversation; VlogSpot; Arts and Protest Seminar; Learning inspires Art.

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A panel discussion - Should the Labour Party stand candidates in Northern Ireland?

Speakers will debate the pros and cons of the Labour party's position that it does not field candidates in Northern Ireland but instead supports working with the Labour's 'Sister Parties' in NI elections.

Panel speakers include:
Dr Michael Holmes (Liverpool Hope University)
Máire Doolin (Liverpool Irish Centre)
Dr Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool)
(More speakers TBC)

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Liverpool's Botanic Garden heritage seems to have been forgotten. In 1802 it became the first botanic garden ever created by a group of 300 keen amateur botanists, and by 1820 was the premier botanic garden in the UK, with a herbarium 50 years before Kew! Steve Lyus will describe the many highs and lows of this collection over its 200 year history to the present day.

Steve Lyus retired in 2009 and came to Wirral to create a garden for the ericaceous plants he propagated. He is an RHS camellia show judge, and a committee member of the RHS rhododendron, camellia and magnolia group. Steve volunteers at Ness Botanic Gardens, is chair of New Ferry Butterfly Park, on the Botanicals sub-committee of Sefton Park Palm House and a volunteer at the World Museum herbarium.

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