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It is nice to have easy to use services like NiceHash or Cudo Miner, but we kind of miss the good old days days of Miner Control before everything became overcomplicated to make it simple and easy for novice miners and not easy at all for more advanced users. A bit of fresh air is the NPlusMiner software that really bring us back a blast from the past as a user interface and functionality, but is up to date in terms of mining software and functionality. NPlusMiner is a nice and functional graphical user interface with a powerful backend that monitors various mining pools in real-time in order to find the most profitable pool and algorithm to mine at the moment. It supports CPU mining as well as AMD and Nvidia GPUs and of course uses the most popular miner software that you would normally use for mining manually on a particular pool and for a particular algorithm.

The software works surprisingly well and is easy to be sued by both novice and more advanced users, a small download that is easy and quick to setup based on your available mining hardware. It downloads required miners quickly and automatically, then does a benchmark and automatically switches to what is most profitable for your hardware. It supports a number of popular mining pools and is updated quite often to reflect changes and improvements as well as fixes to help you make better profit. The mining algorithm and pool switching is done quite well and is advanced, so that the software is not mislead easily by short spikes in profitability. The NPlusMiner software also has some useful advanced features for users that want to have more control over the mining process. There is a small developer fee for using the software – 8 minutes per day fee (0.5%), that can be changed in the config (Minimum is 3).

– For more information and to try out the NPlusMiner software solution for maximizing mining profit…

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