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Dynastycoin (DCY) is another crypto project that has forked to RandomX, initially started a couple of years ago and targeted towards Italian crypto users. Originally a CryptoNight coin when project was conceived, Dynastycoin (DCY) has apparently forked to RandomX near the end of last year around the time Monero has switched to the new algorithm as well. The fact that the project has been targeted towards a specific user base has resulted in limited popularity among non-Italian users. One of the reasons that we have discovered the project just recently as well, so if you are looking for alternative RandomX-based crypto coins you might want to check the coin out. The project hovers around the 1000th place on CoinMarketCap, however the daily volume seems really low as the coin is listed on just a few some smaller crypto exchanges and apparently trading users that are into DCY are now very active.

We remind you that mining RandomX is done mainly on CPUs, there are GPU miners available, but performance is very low compared to CPU mining as the algorithm is designed to be CPU friendly. Owners of AMD’s latest generation Ryzen processors have performance advantage over Intel CPUs as far as RandomX is concerned. Other than that the more CPU cores you have, the better performance you should expect to get with RandomX mining.

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