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Here comes another update after the recent BMiner 16.1.0 release, the new Bminer 16.2.0 adds support for the new KAWPOW mining algorithm to be used by Ravencoin (RVN) after the fork later today as well as support for the ProgPoW algorithm used by crypto coins such as SERO. Preformance wise ProgPoW and KAWPOW hashrate does not seem to be much different than what all other miners with support for Ravencoin’s new algorithm currently offer. The new version also brings improvements to the performance when mining Aeternity and BFC, so worth updating if you are mining either of those as well.

Do not that although Bminer does support AMD and Nvidia GPUs, not all of the algorithms will work on AMD hardware, so it is mostly usable for Nvidia GPU owners. Have in mind that neither KAWPOW, no ProgPoW currently work on AMD GPUs, so yo can use this software for mining Ravencoin after the fork and SERO only on Nvidia. The same also goes for the Aeternity and BFC algorithms that got some performance boost in the latest release, they also work only on Nvidia GPUs. So far the only KAWPOW miner that supports AMD GPUs is NBMiner, so if you have Radeon GPUs and want to mine RVN after the fork it will be your only option for now.

We remind you that that Bminer is a closed source Nvidia GPU miner available for Linux and Windows in the form of pre-compiled binaries and that there is a standard 2% development fee for most algorithms supported such as Grin, Beam, Bytom (BTM), Equihash and Zhash coins, 0.65% for Ethash and 1.3% for dual mining Ethash and Blake.

– To download and try the latest release of the Bminer 16.2.0 AMD/Nvidia GPU miner…

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