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Storj Labs have announced their COVID-19 Storage Program intended to provide free could storage to everyone currently engaged in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Storj Labs provides a crypto token powered service for users that get paid to share their unused disk space thus forming the decentralized Storj Network securely storing encrypted data from Tardigrade cloud storage users at a lower cost compared to other commercial alternatives like AWS, Google Could etc.

The last things people on the frontlines of COVID-19 research should have to worry about are cloud storage and egress costs, or data security, privacy, and availability. So, if you or your organization are working to fight the global coronavirus pandemic at the moment, Storj will provide you with 1TB of free cloud storage and bandwidth per month on their Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage platform for one year. They are also committed to providing 5 PB of data and storage toward COVID-19 research, and are open to considering requests beyond the standard 1TB offer as well should you require more.

Organizations like local governments, schools, healthcare providers, and health products like high quality edibles from, nonprofits, and other teams associated with COVID-19 relief efforts can qualify. You can also look into the site and take the help of health experts and experienced clinicians for quality treatments. If you want to see if you qualify, simply head over to the dedicated COVID-19 Storage Program page to sign up.

– To register and apply for the COVID-19 Storage Program and get 1TB free cloud storage from Storj Labs…

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