Promoting Accessibility of Enabling Technologies and Low-Cost Automation

This one day symposium, which will be held at the Materials Innovation Factory (Liverpool), hopes to provide researchers with information and ideas about how automation can be applied to different areas of research including organic synthesis, supramolecular assemblies, organic materials, and polymer synthesis, and will elucidate options for seeking access to equipment to apply it to their own research ideas.

There will be a range of talks presenting case-studies of the use of an enabling technology in their research, such as high-throughput synthesis platforms, flow reactors, or low-cost automation, to promote their use and demonstrate the benefits of embracing automation in research. There will also be a session on what capabilities are available in the UK with the routes on how to access them. Confirmed speakers include Lee Cronin (Glasgow), Andy Cooper (Liverpool), Varinder Aggarwal (Bristol), Matt O’Brien (Keele), Anna Slater (Liverpool), Nick Warren (Leeds) and Ben Deadman (ROAR).

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