Heritage and Conflict in the Middle East – Documentary film screening with Question and Answer

Middle Eastern heritage has come under extreme threat as a direct result of conflict in the past few decades. In some cases, for example ISIS/Daesh in Iraq, this heritage destruction is a direct tool of genocide, as in the case of Yazidi heritage.

In other instances, it is a result of the perceived low priority of heritage within conflict and post-conflict situations, e.g. damage in the Gulf wars. In the past few years, various projects involving documentary filmmaking have attempted to counterbalance these phenomena.

In association with the British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology conference in Liverpool we will present the first public screening of 4 short documentaries (each 7-14 minutes long).

Two of the documentaries will cover Yazidi heritage in Iraq and the ISIS/Daesh genocide and the other two will cover cultural heritage protection in Turkey.

The documentary producers will introduce the films and answer questions from the audience, along with heritage experts in these fields.

Registration required.

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