Health, wealth and happiness:Liverpool Stories- An Inaugural lecture by Professor Sally Sheard

Are Liverpudlians more resilient than other people in the face of adversity? Is there a relationship between health and wealth, and how does happiness fit into the equation?
Historian Sally Sheard discusses how the links between ill-health and poverty were first identified in the nineteenth century, and have been addressed by generations of health experts and writers. She looks at history’s role in illuminating the spectrum of responsibility for health: from the individual to the local authority to the nation state (culminating in the creation of the NHS in 1948), and asks whether, as Liverpudlian Ken Dodd suggested, happiness really is the most important ingredient in the recipe for a successful life.
About the speaker:
Sally Sheard is the Andrew Geddes and John Rankin Professor of Modern History at the University of Liverpool. She is a health and public policy historian, and is currently leading a 5 year Wellcome Trust funded project; The Governance of Health: Medical, Economic and Managerial Expertise in Britain since 1948. She has written on the history of public health, hospitals, health economics, and the NHS. Sally has developed expertise in using history in public and policy engagement through her work with local health authorities, government and cultural organisations. She has also written for and presented TV and radio programmes, including the 2018 BBC Radio 4 series National Health Stories.

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