A “Mersey Waters” Update : Two Megaprojects for Liverpool and Wirral

Under the overall strategic title of “Mersey Waters”, the regeneration of the former docklands north of Liverpool city centre and in Birkenhead/Wallasey have been under active consideration since 2005. Always seen as a long-term 30 years initiative, the scale and nature of the transformations involved have earned “Liverpool Waters” and “Wirral Waters” the title of ‘megaprojects’. In addition “Liverpool Waters” adjacency to the World Heritage Site has led to special – and sometimes contentious -- consideration being given to its planning and development projects. MCS welcomes the opportunity to catch up on recent and future proposals on both sides of the River from two speakers who are both very much involved in the immediate and long-term aspects of the work involved.

Richard Mawdsley will provide an initial “Mersey Waters” overview and then cover the last five year programme of extensive site preparation, and, introduce proposals for the No. 1 Tower Road South office project, the £20m Maritime Knowledge Hub and the recently announced “Wirral Waters One” project for 500 1-2 bedroom apartments alongside the former East Float Dock as the first step in a new residential neighbourhood along the Northbank.

Pete Swift will introduce work on the changing masterplanning and public realm design guidance for “Liverpool Waters” over the past 10 years as the background to the May 2018 updated masterplan, designed to provide five neighbourhoods including the re-balancing of high-rise and low-medium rise buildings across the area, the relocation of the 2ha Central Park closer to the River, a re-imagined Clarence Square and changes of layout to provide pedestrians and cyclists with additional River views. Current proposals for a new Everton Stadium will bring new challenges.

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