A Liverpool City Region Fair Employment Charter

Keynote Speaker: Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram

The Liverpool City Region is home to some of the most innovative for-profit businesses who continue to invest and evolve. We also have a fantastic public sector and a dynamic social economy who grapple with numerous, wide-ranging and complex social issues. Together, despite years of government austerity, our private, public and social sectors continue to provide sound jobs that are well-paid and secure, with opportunities for progression.

Yet, in our City Region we still have many challenges to face, and we still have room for improvement.

The overall economic productivity of the city region lags behind the rest of the UK and London. This means we are further behind our international competitors. We are witnessing a rise of in-work poverty and insecure employment, which prevents people fulfilling their potential and from securing a home that provides a stable foundation for their family. In the Liverpool City Region, 25.6% of all children are living in poverty – a figure much higher than the national average of 18.6% – and higher than other cities and city regions in the north.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram believes that a Fair Employment Charter is one means to begin to address these challenges. Evidence shows that fairly paid employees with security of employment will be productive employees who are able and willing to contribute to competitive, successful and growing organisations.

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