The Minister for Peace and Disarmament: A discussion

In 2016 the Labour party announced that it would establish a Minister for Peace and Disarmament (MPD) if it formed the next government. Fabian Hamilton MP was appointed the Shadow MPD to develop the role and work on a ‘peace doctrine’ to outline the post’s underlying principles and remit. In order to raise awareness of the role and encourage public debate on the topics involved, Conscience commissioned Dr Tim Street to write a report on the MPD. This report, published last July, examines the MPD idea, assesses its strengths and weaknesses and considers the political opportunities for and obstacles to the role being a success

The panel for this event will discuss the findings of the report and examine the policy areas that the MPD might focus on, such as nuclear disarmament, arms export controls, defence diversification, conflict prevention/resolution and peacebuilding, as well as how the MPD could work with other government departments to ensure the UK has an ethical foreign policy and the overall implications of the MPD post for Labour.

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