Steve Howell In Conversation with Liam Thorp - in Liverpool

When Theresa May called a snap General Election in 2017 Steve Howell, Labour’s new Deputy Director of Strategy and Communications, had barely been cleared for a parliamentary pass. Hear Howell’s inside story of the most dramatic General Election of modern times, in conversation with The Liverpool Echo’s Political Editor Liam Thorp.

Although the Conservative Party won the General Election of 2016, it was Labour’s result that hit the news. Written off as no-hopers under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, they took the pundits, and even themselves by surprise. But what goes on behind the scenes, in the machination of party politics which drives the parties forward? Join WoWFEST18 and Steve Howell for a fascinating inner glimpse into one of the most hotly contested elections of our time.

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