Liverpool Humanists Darwin Day Talk: Why Evolution is True (Chris Hassall)

Liverpool Humanists Darwin Day event this year is a public talk given by evolutionary ecologist, Chris Hassall.

Chris explains what his talk 'Why Evolution is True' will cover:

'While long accepted as scientific fact (indeed, a core component of our understanding of the world), evolutionary biology is still contentious in some non-scientific circles. I will explore some of the evidence for evolution, drawing on cutting edge experiments and discoveries from multiple fields within biology including paleontology, genetics, and experimental evolution.'

'These experiments contradict many of the common arguments against evolution, highlighting evolutionary biology as an empirical, predictive framework without which it is not possible to understand the world around us.'

'Along the way I will respond to some common problems that people have with evolution and equip the audience with new tools to help discuss the topic in an informed and balanced manner.'

'I will also present some social sciences data on why certain groups of people tend not to believe in evolution and discuss some of the ways in which we can communicate science more effectively when scientific topics might be controversial for an audience.'

Dr Chris Hassall is a Lecturer in Animal Biology at the University of Leeds. There, he conducts research on a number of topics within ecology and evolutionary biology, including biological responses to climate change, urbanisation, and invasive species; the evolution of ageing, camouflage, and mimicry; the ecology of ponds; links between biodiversity and human health; and technology-led projects on biological monitoring. Chris has published over 50 scientific papers and sometimes ends up in the media talking about wider scientific issues such as climate change and dowsing.

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