Lecture with Rosetta Mission Scientist, Dr Matt Taylor

Join astrophysicist and Liverpool alumnus, Dr Matt Taylor (MPhys Physics 1997), from the European Space Agency when he returns to Liverpool next month to talk about the early results from the historic Rosetta Mission - the most detailed study of a comet ever attempted.

The Rosetta probe was launched in 2004 carrying the Philae lander module which, a decade later and thanks to a gravity-assisted swing around Mars, become the first spacecraft to successfully land on a comet’s nucleus.

The mission proper came to an end in 2016 when the Rosetta probe, out of range of solar power as the comet took it further from the sun, was crash-landed onto the comet’s surface.

In this lecture, Matt will talk about the notable results from the mission, as well as the potential impact that the collected data could make to our understanding of comets.

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