Inside Peace Liverpool Premiere

The award-winning documentary "Inside Peace" is about three criminal offenders marked by generations of violence, addiction, and poor social conditions who attend the Peace Class in a Texas prison, where they struggle to discover their humanity, improve their outlook on life, and rebuild their lives from the inside out.

“These stories bleed through Inside Peace, and they are crucial to it, but they’re only part of what the film is about. The men manage to take the message to heart that they have value as people – no simple lesson… This is where, for the viewer, the awe comes in.” 
—Peace Behind Barbed Wire by Robert Koehler, Huffington Post

“…that extraordinarily powerful film that we watched earlier will have an impact on the way in which I look at every prison I inspect in the coming months and years.”
Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

Post screening Q&A about The Peace Education Program

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