How Do We Build More Social Value into the Liverpool City Region?

Merseyside Civic Society is contributing to the discussion instigated by the Metro Mayor when he suggested in his policy programme that the promotion of social value should be part of a stronger social economy, public procurement, and planning in the form of a new Sustainable Urban Development Strategyamong other proposals.

But what would more social value look and feel like to the population of the city region, and how can politicians, businesses and community groups or third sector organisations be encouraged to create more of it?

The event will begin with an exchange of views on the significance of social value in society between two speakers who have devoted their professional lives to the subject. Rev Cannon Dr Ellen Loudon is a member of Liverpool City Region's combined authority board with a brief to speak on issues affecting the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sectors of the City region. Professor Erik Bichard is co-founder of RealWorth, an organisation that helps to create social and environmental value in urban areas and has been a long-term advocate for sustainable development in the City Region and beyond.

Ticket required.

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