Global Talent: Immigration and skills post-Brexit

The final terms of the Brexit negotiations are still unclear, leaving businesses uncertain about their future ability to recruit the global talent and workers they need to succeed. Policy makers are caught between the need to respond to voters’ concerns about immigration, whilst also ensuring the country has access to people and skills that the economy relies upon.

Big cuts to adult skills budgets since 2010 have meant that UK workers are falling behind their European counterparts. Britain has a long way to go in order to create an education and skills system that can produce the talent needed by many industries.

The Labour party has committed to a ‘fair and reasonable management of migration’ based on economic needs and identifying specific labour and skill shortages, but how will this work in practice? How can we guarantee the UK will remain a hub for global talent? What skills will the economy of the future require and how can the UK better support and nurture homegrown talent?

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