From Housing to Healthcare: Does Labour have a comprehensive agenda for supporting older people

The Fabian Society has been working on a project (supported by Hanover and Age UK) which asks what the left’s agenda should be for older people’s care, support, independence and wellbeing. The work has asked what ‘offer’ politicians should make on the services and entitlements older people need to live well; what priorities they should adopt with respect to the development, reform and integration of different forms of support; and what funding solutions should be proposed to pay for comprehensive, high quality support in the context of rising demand.

The project has sought to look beyond the current debate on social care funding to consider how to improve all the support that older people and their carers receive at home and in the community: social care, supported housing, community healthcare, social security and more. It seeks to start from the perspective of older people, their carers, their homes and their communities – not service silos. Current funding pressures form part of the backdrop to the work however we are aiming to steer debate away from damage-limitation towards a more future-focused conversation on the positive offer politicians on the left should make next.

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