End of Life Doula

The next inaugral talk at Liverpool Humanists will be given by one of the local celebrants, Annette Furley. Nett also works as an End of Life Doula and it is this role that she will be discussing during the event. There will be plenty of time for questions too.

'For thousands of years, all around the world, people have stayed in their homes to die, looked after by their family and local community. In the western world, this concept has been undermined by a gradual shift towards hospitalisation, often taking responsibility away from the person and the people important to them. However, it’s possible to make death an intimate, spiritual and peaceful experience, whether medical support is required or not.

An End of Life Doula aims to reduce people's fears about death, enable them to be more practically and emotionally prepared for it and improve the quality of experience of dying, which leaves a lasting impression on those left behind. Their role is to preserve the quality of wellbeing, sense of identity and self-worth from the moment of diagnosis. An End of Life Doula is a person who ‘holds’ the situation with the ‘family’: a friend in death, a non-medical ‘expert companion’ to the dying person and to those important to them.'

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