Brews and Brows - What does your eyebrow say about you?

Eyebrows are a constant in the press and online, with many different opinions about whose works and whose doesn’t. We want to get away from the eyebrow shaming and challenge the current negative press around the brow.

Come along to FACT on Saturday 28th April to shake off the brow negativity, and tell us what your brow means to you. We want to know more about the choices you make when you pluck, sculpt, and position your brows.

The day will feature:

Eyebrow 3D Scanning

A Brow Booth – Sketch and Shape your ‘perfect’ brow in our photo & video booth

Tea & Cake provided by The Garden Café

This event aims to gather stories and ideas to co-design and formulate a new taxonomy of the eyebrow where none currently exists.

The aim is to open up a city-wide conversation around why the eyebrow is a highly resonant marker of identity and its relationship to gender, class, race and sexuality.

Registration required.

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