War & Identity with Professor Dejan Jović

Professor Dejan Jović specializes in politics of nationalism generally with special emphasis on the Balkans. In post-conflict societies selective use of historical memory is particularly harmful for re-building of democratic societies.

In his latest book War and Myth, Professor Jović focuses on the institutionalisation of war narratives in Croatian society. He illustrates the dynamics of identity politics and development of nationalist myth by all political actors. The use of selective memory and the utilisation of war for the purpose of maintaining the social structure reinforces illiberal and autocratic tendencies.

Professor Jović addresses questions that are becoming increasingly more important for all societies. How does war impact on identity? How do societies overcome wars, but more importantly, how do societies prevent the (mis)use of historical narratives for political gains. In answering those questions, Jović engages in broader discussion on identity politics and state-building.

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