Visions of Liverpool

The Department of Geography and Planning host a viewing of Liverpool at sunset from the Roxby Building, which offers a unique perspective of the city. Search Google images and you’ll find plenty of pictures of the Liverpool skyline drenched in the rich light of a sunset. And its appeal is nothing new, with artists having long travelled to the city to capture the colour of its skies and landmarks. Come along to enjoy a panoramic view from the southern edge of our campus.

The Department welcomes guests to consider their city from a different vantage point and points in time. Historic maps and plans from our collection, and displays of our current research enable guests to consider the many visions of Liverpool. Displays of maps and plans will show the topography and development of the city. While current research projects suggest alternative perspectives, from geological past to post-colonial legacy and from founding street patterns to modern politics of regeneration in Liverpool.

The event will include interactive and family friendly activities to enable you to interpret and capture different visions of Liverpool and make your own mark on the City’s skyline.

Registration required.

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