LIF2017 - In:Visible Women

Unveiling a number of discrete, yet important case histories of Liverpool, Liverpool Irish and/or Irish women, In:Visible Women’s morning sessions set the scene for exploring the issues women still face today, particularly in certain Irish communities. By recognising their influence and impact we aim to redress their abilities and attributes. Discussions move to more difficult issues in the afternoon and could include discussion around shamed pregnancies, arranged marriages, faith crises, institutional abuse, secret adoptions and illegal abortions; many of which retain influence and impact on families and communities today and are highlighted elsewhere in the festival programme. Whilst the laws in the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and mainland Great Britain still allow 11 women per day to travel to England to have their ‘shame dealt with’ these issues are not just a matter for women, but for society, legislature and reconciliation and so the late afternoon sessions will consider this.

In:Visible Women builds relationships with artists, academics and organisations to deliver illuminating talks, films, performances, artworks and written features to start making ‘invisible’ women’s issues, visible. Piloting this year is our In:Visible Women day at Central Library. Artists and academics will highlight individual, historic case studies, bringing to light diminished or overlooked histories and stories. After an enlightening day of discussion, imagery, installations and film, will be an an evening of Liverpool, Liverpool Irish and Irish female singer songwriters at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room, showcasing a raft of contemporary talent.

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