Hillsborough: Resisting Injustice, Recovering Truth

15 April 1989: an inescapable crush on the terraces at Hillsborough Stadium at an FA Cup Semi-Final led to the deaths of 96 men, women and children. Throughout the subsequent investigations and inquiries, those who died and survived were vilified publicly amid police allegations of drunkenness, violence, criminal and abusive behaviour. The families’ unrelenting campaign for truth recovery, spanning two decades, led to disclosure of all existing documents to an Independent Panel. Its definitive 2012 report revealed institutional mendacity, corrupted evidence and partial investigation. This brought an unreserved Government apology, an ongoing criminal investigation into all agencies involved and an unprecedented IPCC investigation into the policing of Hillsborough. It also led to new inquests, commencing March 2014 through to April 2016 and the momentous verdict that the 96 had been killed unlawfully. The jury’s narrative verdict levelled 25 criticisms against the authorities and the club. It exonerated the fans.

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