Haunting Legacies of Historical Racial Violence

This seminar will examine the socially constitutive force of historical racial violence, including dimensions and mechanisms of its lasting impact, remaining theoretical and empirical questions, and remedial implications. A growing body of work finds that areas of the United States marked by more pronounced histories of racial violence remain distinguished by elevated black victim homicide rates, white supremacist mobilization, support for punitive crime policy, school corporal punishment, and other violence and conflict today. These ‘haunting legacies’ are attributed to lingering traces in the psyches, identities, attitudes, behaviours, and structural relations of successive generations, yet underlying mechanisms are not well understood, and there remains a need for more direct and comparative analysis of these dynamics to inform remedial effort. To that end, I conclude with discussion of my comparative interests in the U.K. – including efforts to regulate racial abuse, and lasting impacts of these events – as elements of my engaged research on legacies of racial violence.
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