GHost Hosting 17, No Such Thing As Gravity

What makes a ghost? GHost is a visual arts and creative research project which explores the nature of ghosts both metaphorically and practically in its activities. Serving as a supporting platform (or host) GHost aims to enable invited guests to visually and conceptually manifest and interrogate the idea of the ghost. The project takes its title from a work by Marcel Duchamp: “A GUEST + A HOST = A GHOST” Marcel Duchamp (1953).

For GHost Hosting 17, No Such Thing As Gravity artist Sarah Sparkes continues this programme of research seminars with an interdisciplinary seminar and performance event exploring the concept of ‘a formula for ghost making’, focused around faith, belief, and religious practice. How do spirits and ghosts contribute to or affect different religions and beliefs? How are practices used to embody, evoke or communicate these notions?

Sparkes will be joined by Professor Chris French, professor of Psychology and founder of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) at Goldsmiths, specialising in the psychology of paranormal beliefs and experiences, cognition and emotion; and by Christian Weaver, a specialist in ethnomusicology and musician, composer and practitioner of ritual drumming. Artist Birgitta Hosea will also present Medium, a site-specific performance in which the artist takes the role of a techno-medium.

Registration required.

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