For whose benefit? The everyday realities of welfare reform

A discussion and pre-book launch event featuring the Dole Animators, Cllr Jane Corbett, Phil McDuff, Ros Wynne-Jones & Ruth Patrick

Does the popular narrative on ‘welfare dependency’ fit with individual experiences? How is ongoing welfare reform impacting on those directly affected? And what are the consequences of the endless growth in Poverty Porn for those living in poverty?

As further welfare reforms are rolled out, this timely event provides an opportunity to discuss these questions and consider the implications of ongoing benefit changes for the future of our welfare state. Speakers include representatives from the Dole Animators [ ] (a group of individuals directly affected by welfare reform), Councillor Jane Corbett (Liverpool City Council) [ ] and Phil McDuff (social policy commentator) [ ]. The panel also includes Ruth Patrick (University of Liverpool) [ ]who will shortly publish a book discussing five years spent following a small group of individuals affected by benefit changes.

Registration requred.

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