Feminist Organizing for the Negotiation & Construction of Peace in Colombia

Feminists have struggled for human rights in Colombia for many years, in order to achieve recognition and redistribution for women in the economic, political and cultural spheres. Feminists have also contributed to building peace. Feminist campaigning during the last peace process between the FARC-EP and government of Juan Manuel Santos led to the creation of a Gender Sub-Commission. This campaigning also led to the inclusion of a gender perspective into the Final Agreement signed in November 2016.

However, in the referendum of October 2016, citizens voted to refuse a peace deal partly because of the gender approach. What caused this? What were the consequences? What challenges do women face during Colombia's transitional phase?

In this event, Erika Rodríguez Gómez will talk about her experience as a human rights defender and will share her reflections about the current situation in Colombia.

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