Exploring Successful Activism

What are the ingredients of successful activism today in a city like Liverpool? What challenges do campaigners face? How can we ensure that the strategies we follow are going to be effective? How can we ensure activism both achieves its goals and empowers our communities?

Change comes about when people believe that change is possible, but also when people get organised and take action to make that change happen.

Liverpool’s strong tradition of activism is testimony to that. It is a city famous for its vibrant grass-roots culture of campaigning, with a strong tradition of non-conformity and radicalism that stretches back many decades.

We are inviting local community and political activists and those with an interest in campaigning and activism to explore some of the ingredients of effective and empowering grass-roots activism.
What have you, as activists and campaigners, found to be the best strategies and approaches to achieving your aims? What good practice and ideas do you have to share?

As part of this, we aim to produce both practical outputs and useful research for the support of community oriented activism and activists in Liverpool, the region and beyond.

We also hope it will provide a basis for an ongoing collaboration and dialogue between grassroots activists, academics and professionals, for example by establishing a framework of ‘good practice’ in grass-roots activism that links action on the ground with research and professional insights.

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