Common Histories: A Workshop on Slavery and the Creative Arts

AHRC ‘Translating Cultures’ theme, Centre for the Study of International Slavery and UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts are delighted to present a workshop on coming to terms with our common histories.

The transatlantic slave trade, colonialism and the impacts of the British Empire -- are all shared by different people and locations. There are difficulties surrounding modern discourses on these shared histories where in many cases, places and people who continue to be enriched by the wealth created and maintained through slavery and its legacies find it uncomfortable to engage in accepting and addressing implications today of these shared histories.

The workshop explores the ways that the Arts can be deployed as a way of creating new spaces and opportunities to remove the discomfort of historical and modern injustice and inequalities that are a result of slavery, colonialism – and the reluctance to discuss these.

It is important to stress that there continues to be a pressing need to create new opportunities that allow young people especially, to explore possibilities of shaping their shared futures in a manner that draws on our shared histories into a positive direction. How do we facilitate these opportunities through international artistic collaboration?

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