Chris Coltrane: Make Love and Smash Fascism

Donald Trump. Poverty. Brexit. Piers Morgan. Yep: the entire planet has turned to garbage. Well, lucky for society then that Chris Coltrane has the solution to LITERALLY all the world’s problems, with his 6th solo stand-up comedy show: Make Love and Smash Fascism!

A new hour of hilarious, passionate political comedy to soothe your heart and kick-start your spirit. In his new stand-up special, Coltrane makes the case for optimism in a world filled with hate. He defends refugees against far-right Christians who turn them away (you know: like Jesus would have); he calls out Theresa May (the Waffle-Iron Lady); and he defends social justice using the most powerful and deadly weapon known to humanity: punchlines. And as for the election result: for the first time in years, it feels like the left could win – and Chris offers hope on where we can go from here. Coltrane says: “This year, more than ever, we need cheering up. In a world determined to crush your spirit, laughter is a radical act. And thus, coming to see me do comedy counts as activism.”

Never too earnest, and always playful, fans of alternative comedy, intelligent nonsense and engaging storytelling will adore Coltrane’s new hour. Mark Thomas says “Chris Coltrane is the future of British political comedy. He is funny, smart, and often right!”

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