Children's welfare - who is in charge?

Baroness Doreen Massey of Darwen has been a Labour Peer in the House of Lords since 1999 and has a particular commitment to promoting children's rights.
She was formerly a teacher and education advisor, graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BA in French Language and Literature and a PGCE in Education. She also has an MA in health education in which she subsequently specialised, with a particular focus on preventing drug and alcohol misuse and promoting sexual health.

Baroness Massey has been involved in a number of children's rights-related committees in the House of Lords. She currently sits on the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee which led the recent inquiry into the situation of unaccompanied migrant children in Europe. She previously led the all-party Children Group and has been involved in inquiries relating to affordable childcare, adoption and the age of criminal responsibility. She is also a Parliamentary Delegate to the Council of Europe, working on issues relating to violence against children.

Baroness Massey encourages young people to understand politics and how democracy works and actively promotes the participation of children in Parliamentary activities.

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