Brexit in a Changing Geopolitical Context

The research network Geopolitics, Law and International Relations at LJMU is hosting an interdisciplinary symposium on the geopolitical implications of Brexit.

Since the EU referendum, there has been debate on how the UK should define its role in the international community after leaving the EU.

As the UK is a significant player in international relations and the EU is a major global actor, Brexit is likely to have a profound geopolitical impact. This symposium will bring together academics, policy experts and practitioners to map out possible post-Brexit scenarios and to promote a better understanding of Brexit and its geopolitical consequences.

The symposium will examine the geopolitical context and implications of Brexit, and consider potential scenarios for the EU, the UK and the global order. It will examine a number of important questions. These include the new relationship between the UK and the EU, how Europe and the UK will deal with common concerns such as Russia’s resurgence in world affairs and the impact of a Trump presidency on UK-US relations and UK-Europe relations.

Registration required.

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