WEA course: 'The Earth is Us'

This two-day WEA course looks at the relationship between human beings and the natural world. It’s about how and why we’ve become so out of balance with nature and how we can reconnect with nature – for the well-being of ourselves, our communities and the planet. There'll be a chance to share our reactions and responses to some of the challenges that face us globally this decade: climate change, bees dying off, deforestation, plastic ‘soup’ in the oceans, species threatened with extinction... and to look at the profound changes that humans need to make. We’ll also talk about what stops us and others from changing – including the mass denial culture, the lure of consumerism and our own sense of powerlessness. And we’ll look at some inspiring examples of people taking positive action and reflect on how we can individually and collectively embrace and integrate change within our lives.

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