The Simplicity of Truth workshop

As part of current exhibition The Simplicity of Truth, produced by artist Mark Storor with members of our Veterans in Practice group, we are opening up the conversations explored within the exhibition through a series of workshops.

In keeping with the title of the exhibition, our workshops and performances focus on simplicity. In a completely relaxed and pressure-free environment, we invite you to join us and take a look at what masculinity means in today's society. Comprising of some unusual self portraiture and some free flowing discussion on societal expectations, we create a space in which to step back and view these from a different perspective. It's that simple! So if you'd like to make the time and space to try this yourself then book your place!

The workshops are exclusively open to men, and we'll be weighing up real experiences against societal stereotypes and more traditional views on masculinity. We are looking for as many different viewpoints as we can so we can build the most comprehensive picture of how masculinity is perceived, and delve into what works and what doesn't for individuals and what's within our power to change.

Registration required.

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