The Simplicity of Truth workshop

As part of FACT's current exhibition The Simplicity of Truth, produced by artist Mark Storor with members of our Veterans in Practice group, there will be conversations explored within the exhibition through a series of workshops.

The workshops are exclusively open to men to explore different views on what it means to be a man today; weighing up real experiences against societal stereotypes and more traditional views on masculinity. Different viewpoints are needed to build the most comprehensive picture of how masculinity is perceived. The aim is to delve into what works and what doesn't for individuals and what's within our power to change.

Workshops will include a brief overview of what have been covered previously, discussions on key topics therein, discussion of arising points and suggestions for going forward. There'll be some non traditional self portraiture, a means of expressing our thoughts and the option to take part in a live performance (amongst other things), participants can have as much or as little input as they wish and workshops will be nice and relaxed.

Registration required.

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