The Roots of Third Cinema & Shorts

Think Cinema presents Roots Of Third Cinema + shorts as introduction to a three month season exploring this anti-neo-colonial, revolutionary film movement that began in Latin America in the late 60’s, and has had global influence up until the present.

In 1983 filmmaker and academic, Michael Chanan, wrote, directed and produced “New Cinema Of Latinoamerica” a documentary that traces the origins and development
of the first twenty-five years of Third Cinema. Roots Of The Third Cinema is extracted and re-edited from this powerful historic document.

Think Cinema will also be screening the shorts of two influential Cuban directors: El Megano (Julio Garcia Espinosa, 1965) and LBJ (Santiago Alvarez, 1968) as representative of Third Cinema, its revolutionary ideals and motive of combatting the passive viewing experience engendered by Hollywood and US cultural hegemony, turning film into a catalyst for political consciousness raising and action.

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