The Headless Woman & De Noche Y Pronto (Suddenly One Night)

“What an extraordinary film Lucrecia Martel’s The Headless Woman is. You’ll leave The Headless Woman wanting to see it again” – THE TELEGRAPH

Veronica is driving in Salta a northwestern Argentina region when her mobile phone distracts her and she runs over something—but drives on. On the days following this incident, she fails to recognise the feelings that bond her to things and people.The police confirm that there was no accident and everything returns to normal until the news of a gruesome discovery again worries everyone. Veronica begins to have a meltdown, thinking she may have killed someone. Was it an animal? A child? Or nothing at all?

Mysterious, dark and beautifully crafted Martel’s tale of guilt and pain doesn’t end the moment that the lights go up, the film stays with you for a few days later. The Headless Woman provokes more questions than answers as life sometimes do. It’s not a film just to be watched but to feel. It’s definitely an experience not to be missed.

Karolina Ginalska a Lecturer in English Language at Liverpool University, and also undertaking an MA in Film Studies at London UCL, will provide a brief introduction to The Headless Women and will lead an exciting debate after.

Ticket required.

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