Shared Spaces: The Modern Place Of Worship

This debate organised by the Baroness Warsi Foundation, in partnership with the Empowering Design Practices project, will explore the potential for places of worship to be shared, by different faith groups, by the wider community, and for mixed uses.

The connection between people and their place of worship, and between a place of worship and the wider community around it is layered with complex connotations, interpretations and feelings. Places of worship are fundamental to faith communities, providing a physical space to practice their faith and to come together. Bricks and mortar take on spiritual and faith values. For others, a place of worship may feel out of their reach or disconnected from their local community.

What happens when those places of worship become shared spaces?

Is the form, feeling and function of a building defined by the particular faith practiced there? How do different faith groups perceive other places of worship and can different faiths come together in shared buildings?

Can a faith building accommodate local community activities and services while maintaining its integrity and function as a place of worship?

This free debate will consider these questions starting with a series of provocations from a panel of speakers that bring a diverse range of experience and insights into the topic. The debate is open to anyone interested in exploring the future of places of worship and their place in our communities.

Registration required.

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