One. Two. One & Short

Beauty is on the eye of the beholder but in a society that pressurised women with a predetermined beauty cannon (East and West similarly, although in completely different ways), the protagonist Ava a young, attractive Iranian woman,whose face has been disfigured as the result of an accident has a challenge: to find self confidence and inner beauty despite having lost her physical beauty.

Mania Akbari, star of Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten, is one of Iran’s most unique filmmakers and. One. Two. One is her latest feature, and most confrontational work, whose banning finally led to her exile from Iran.

In One.Two. One, Akbari’s offers a different approach to another image of beauty by getting very close to the skin: ‘For me the skin is one of the most profound parts of the human anatomy. In my society the idea of beauty has become a bit damaged, and the protagonist is a manifestation of this’. In cinematic terms, Akbar’s offers a unique narrative structure where the film is presented in the form of a series of intimate conversational pieces and filmed on closed up and planned long takes to reflect in the concept of beauty and the weight placed on it by the Iranian society and serves as an allegory for the scars her country bears, making this film a rich experience that must be shared and seen by everyone.

There will be a debate after the film.

Ticket required.

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