MSS Presents: Socialist Fun-Times, with comedian Chris Coltrane

Imagine writing a flyer in June for a political comedy show in August. What’s Britain even like now? Did we really Brexit? Has joy been privatised? Is Theresa May our Prime Minister? Oh god. Oh god no. Say it ain’t so.

Well, if the world seems bleak, don’t despair: Chris Coltrane is back with another hour of hilarious, Tory-smashing stand-up comedy to inspire and delight. If you like social justice, kindness, libraries and joy, Coltrane has a show for you.

In Socialist Fun-Times, comedian and activist Coltrane (“Josie Long’s favourite comedian on Twitter”) tries to find even a shred of optimism in this distinctly broken country. In a world full of Farage and Trump, Chris has the antidote.

Along the way he champions political correctness, defends refugees, and asks why we can’t have Easter Eggs all year round. You’ll leave happy or hungry. Either way, Coltrane will consider it a victory.

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