Mapping the New Cloud Atlas

Join FACT for a New Cloud Atlas mapping walk around the streets of Liverpool. The New Cloud Atlas is a global effort to map each data place that makes up the cloud in an open and accountable way. We have set out to find and map each warehouse data centre, each internet exchange, each connecting cable and switch. Anything of any physical significance in the operation of the cloud should be observed is some way, and recorded for everyone to see and use.

We will supply maps for you to take notes on. Stay for the day to help add cloud data to our OpenStreetMap powered website.

Walks: 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm
Mapping workshop: 3pm - 6pm

The Internet cloud first appeared in network diagrams in the 1970s and 1980s, where a cloud symbol was used to stand in for the complexity of ways in which information passes through connections between computers. Once the domain of national governments, information infrastructures like ‘the cloud’ are increasingly constructed, operated, and maintained by major multinational corporations. We trust them with our emails and our childhood photographs, our meeting plans and whatever else we use ‘the cloud’ for.

Registration required.

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