Looking at the world through Salmonella's eyes

Salmonella is not just a bug that causes a "touch of food poisoning" in developed countries, it can also kill. A new type of Salmonella is responsible for 400,000 deaths a year in Africa - this epidemic urgently needs to be understood, and prompted Professor Hinton to move his lab to Liverpool in 2012.

Since first getting his hands on a bacterial pathogen 25 years ago, Professor Hinton's postdoctoral career began in Oxford where he focused on individual bacterial genes. Now he is studying thousands of Salmonella genes at once in his lab in the Institute of Integrative Biology.

Professor Hinton will outline the genomics revolution that is transforming what we know about bacterial disease, and allows us to identify exactly which pathogen is infecting which person in almost real time.

Professor Hinton recently won a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator award of £1.65M to further this vital work, and will be launching the "10,000 Salmonella genomes project" in 2017. Liverpool is a crucial research hub in the battle against this dangerous pathogen.

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