Discuss The US Presidential Election

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in the summer of 2015 few political experts, commentators or the general population considered him a serious contender for the Republican Party’s nomination for President. He defied the odds then, can he defy the odds in the upcoming general election against the establishment’s Hilary Clinton? US scholars from Liverpool John Moores University will discuss with the audience whether Trump can win, and what his candidacy means for the future of democracy.

Dr. Matthew Alan Hill completed his doctorate at the University of Ulster in 2008 on US foreign policy, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in History at Liverpool John Moores University.

More recently, in September 2014 (UK), he published the American Politics for Dummies book with Wiley and Sons, which examines the history and politics of the United States from the War of Independence through to the present day. He is currently working on a project examining Anglo-American relations during the Second World War.

Join Matthew and other academics from LJMU as they discuss one of the most interesting and divisive political figures of our time.

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