Daisies (Sedmikrásky)…, & Shorts

“to all those whose sole source of indignation is a trampled-on trifle”

Elsewhere Cinema present an extra special and long overdue screening, the legendary VĚRA CHYTILOVÁ’s seminal film DAISIES (SEDMIKRÁSKY) needs no introduction and if you’r into the Czechoslovakia New Wave then this is a must see film for you.

Chytilová was an enigma of the Czechoslovakia New Wave who drew on her previous experiences as an architect, set & fashion designer to weave together an experimental film that uses an array of techniques and visual trickery to create a psychedelic mesh of subversive and surrealist wonderment. The film encourages the spirit of descent and satirise life under the oppressive regime and continues to captivate and provoke audiences to this day.

On first viewing the film comes across as a playful fantasy between two friends, both named Marie. Closer examination however, reveals the multifaceted pandora’s box of feminist statements, bourgeois rejections and political satire that lays underneath. Bannend during the 60’s by the Czech government for it’s explicit depiction of food wastage and overtly sexual nature, despite that whilst feminine sexuality is a key feature of the film, the way Chytilová deals with it is never crude.

The communist regime enforced strict censorship rules that artists and filmmakers had to follow and pass in order to release their work. All films which were deemed critical of the regime or promoted alternative cultural values and ideologies, most of the best Czech New Wave films, were subsequently banned and remianed so until the collapse of the Iron Curtain in the late 80’s.

Liverpool Small Cinema is also very pleased to have with Fumina Hamasaki, a PhD candidate & Associate lecturer at Lancaster University, to present the film and give a pre screening talk on the use food imagery in the film, which it was subsequently criticised and banned for.

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