An Evening With Matthew Todd

Waterstones Liverpool One is delighted to welcome the editor of "Attitude" magazine Matthew Todd as he reads from and discusses his book "Straight Jacket - How To Be Gay and Happy". Part memoir, part ground-breaking polemic this is a revolutionary guide for the gay and LGBT community on how to build happy, secure lives and relationships, and a call-to-arms for society to protect and nurture young people, regardless of their sexual orientation.

"Straight Jacket" is a revolutionary clarion call for gay men, the wider LGBT community, their friends and family. It looks beneath the shiny facade of contemporary gay culture and asks if gay people are as happy as they could be – and if not, why not?

Matthew Todd explores why statistics show a large number of gay people suffer from mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, and why significant numbers experience difficulty in sustaining meaningful relationships. Bracingly honest, and drawing on his own experience, he breaks the silence surrounding a number of painful issues.

Meticulously researched, courageous and life-affirming, Straight Jacket offers invaluable practical advice on how to overcome a range of difficult issues. It also recognizes that this is a watershed moment, a piercing wake-up-call-to-arms for the gay and wider community to acknowledge the importance of supporting all young people – and helping older people to transform their experience and finally get the lives they really want.

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