Advertising and imagining the post-war world in Britain

An illustrated public lecture by Dr David Clampin on post-war advertising and its optimistic portrayal of Britain.

Image of ration book coverCommercial advertising between 1939 and 1945 played an important part in everyday life in Britain, projecting a fanciful ideal and a symbol of 'modern' life.

This illustrated lecture describes how advertising happened to correspond with the prevailing political debate which rejected high-sounding rhetoric in favour of the practical realities of everyday life and the material ambitions of the electorate. The advertisers gave form to what it was that the people were fighting for - looking forward to a post-war world with the promise of a bountiful future.

Using images from brands such as Vimto, Oxo, Yardley Cosmetics, HP Sauce, Bournville and Stork Margarine, Dr Clampin will introduce the debate on the relevance of the promises made in 1945 to 2016 and the issues we face today.

This event is part of the 2016 Being Human Festival of the Humanities.

Registration required.

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